Advanced restaurant management doesn't have to be complicated.

Optimize par values, food costs, and purchase orders on autopilot.

cheff is a tool to help you make data-driven decisions.

this is the current process:


hours the average restaurant spends managing their finances


dollars that can be lost due to simple preventable mistakes

Cheff helps you know what inventory you need to order every week.

this can result in:

We use the data already sitting in your point of sale to predict how much inventory you’ll need, and find you the best rate amongst your suppliers. Cheff allows you to finally make data-driven decisions.

inventory management is as simple as:


( forecasted inventory required )

( current inventory )


what you need

what is cheff ?
features and benefits

reduce inventory costs by up to 30%

Actual vs Theoretical Inventory Monitoring

Instantly know when something's off with your inventory so you can fix issues before they become a problem.

Suggested Orders

We automatically suggest optimal purchase orders based on inventory levels, supplier prices, and forecasted future sales.

Compare and view multiple locations

Manage and keep track of the inventory and stock of multiple different locations at once.

Count inventory from you phone

Powerful inventory information is accessible from anywhere and on any device

Real Time Food Costing

Know exactly how much each of your menu items costs so you can set profitable prices.

Calculate optimal par values

We analyze historical sales so you know how much of each item you'll sell and how much inventory you need.


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